Benedicto Divino Obituary, Benedicto Divino Has Passed Away – Death

Benedicto Divino Death, Obituary – The victim, who was identified by the authorities as Benedicto Divino Jr., was discovered to have sustained five gunshot wounds to different parts of his body. The cops were able to locate the deceased person. He was unable to recover from the injuries he incurred, and so he passed away.

Major Mario Mantala, who is the chief of Police Station 4, has issued the directive to his subordinates to search for the gunman who fled the site of the shooting as soon as it occurred. According to Mantala, the victim had a prior run-in with the law that was related to narcotics charges, and she had just recently been released from custody around two weeks ago.

This information comes from the victim’s previous run-in with the law. According to Mantala, the victim had a history of getting in trouble with the law. According to the police, the victim was walking through the neighborhood when an unknown assailant approached him and shot him. This information was provided by the assailant to the police. The individual who carried out the assault is still unknown at this time.

At the location where the crime took place, the law enforcement officers found a large number of spent bullets from a caliber 45 gun, a sachet of a substance that is presumed to be shabu, accessories that are generally used in conjunction with the usage of shabu, as well as personal belongings.

In this time of sorrow, I want the family of the dead to know that you have my deepest condolences and that you are in my thoughts and prayers. In addition, we will make use of any and all of the resources that are available to us in an effort to find a solution to the issue in the least period of time that is practically possible.” According to Colonel Aaron Mandia, who is in head of the City Police Department, there has been an increase in violent crime.

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