Ben Drake Car Accident, Trafalgar Indiana, 1 Dead - Death

Ben Drake Car Accident, Trafalgar Indiana, 1 Dead – Death

Ben Drake Car Accident – A new effort has been launched in order to provide assistance to a police officer from central Indiana who was paralyzed in an accident while he was working to keep the streets safe. The officer was working to keep the public safe when the incident occurred. The Central Indiana Police Foundation is holding a fundraiser in order to provide Trafalgar Police Officer Dustin Moody and his family with a vehicle that is accessible for people who use wheelchairs. The reward for the successful fundraiser will be a vehicle.

Moody has struggled mightily to make headway on the road to recovery, and the process is not yet complete. Nearly seven months after the accident, Moody and his wife sat down with 13News to discuss the upcoming triumphs and difficulties in their lives. They are extremely thankful for all of the assistance from the community that they have received up to this point, and they are extremely humbled by the new effort that is being made to assist with their family’s situation.

It is possible that Moody’s younger sons do not fully comprehend what their older brother and their father are going through at the present time. On the other hand, it is crystal clear from the ecstatic expressions on the faces of Nolan, who is four years old, and Bennett, who is almost one years old, that they are overjoyed to finally be with him at home. Following a period of time during which they were not able to spend time together, the boys are making the most of the opportunity to spend time playing with their hero.

Earlier in the summer, they were involved in a pursuit with the police, and they came perilously close to losing him. On the night of the pursuit, Moody disclosed that his youngest child had just turned three months old. “Here we are, he’s turning 11 months old, and for the first time since the accident, we’re finally living together as a family. It’s been a long road, but we’ve finally made it.”

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