Barbara Newell Obituary

Barbara Newell Obituary, Barbara Newell Has Sadly Passed Away After Battle With COPD – Death

Barbara Newell Obituary, Death – Dear very stunning friends. Yesterday evening at 11:06 o’clock, my darling mother passed away when she was surrounded by her family and in an atmosphere that was peaceful. I have to tell you all this information with the heaviest of hearts because I know how much it will hurt you. My mother suffered for a very long period from fourth-stage COPD as well as many falls, which ultimately led to two damaged vertebrae. Her condition was very difficult to manage.

She did not give in and concede the battle. After the accident, she never regained the capacity to walk, and she also lost the ability to eat. We continued to look after her around the clock right up until the moment she passed away. I am unable to thank all of my family, friends, nurses, physicians, physical therapists, EMT’s, Pelham Fire Department, and countless others, along with all of you incredible people, for the incredible amount of love that has been shown to my mother.

Please accept my sincere gratitude for all of your efforts in this regard. During the Covid epidemic that took place three years ago, our facility was placed under lockdown, and I started posting information on Facebook about my mother. Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate that my mother would receive the kind of love that she received from so many people who did not know her. I was blown away by the outpouring of support that she received.

She was never able to fathom the reasoning behind why so many people had such a strong affection for her. If you ever had the opportunity to meet my mother, you would comprehend why it was so easy to fall in love with her. She is the kind of woman who makes falling in love look effortless. Every every hospital and rehabilitation center that we took her to until we were eventually able to free her from their care. She was always thankful, and she never made any unreasonable requests, so the entire staff agreed that she was the nicest person they had ever worked with, and she was also the one they could take care of the most easily.

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