Barbara Boulay Obituary, Barbara Boulay has Passed Away - Death

Barbara Boulay Obituary, Barbara Boulay has Passed Away – Death

Barbara Boulay Death, Obituary – On the 20th of January, 2023, in the city of Jefferson, Texas, funeral services were held for Barbara Josephine Boulay, who had lived for 87 years. Barbara Luczak was born into the world by her parents, Sigmund (Jack) and Laura Luczak, on January 24, 1935, in the city of Fond du Lac, which is located in the state of Wisconsin. She was one of her parents’ five children, along with Eleanor (Butch) Becker, Janet (Paul) Snyder, Barbara (Paul) Boulay, John (Charmaine) Luczak, and David (Sandra) Luczak. Her mother’s maiden name was Becker, and her father’s maiden name was Snyder.

The 19th of October, 2020 was the day that Eleanor Becker passed away. Butch Becker. She wed Paul Frederick Boulay on July 12, 1954, and he passed away on December 29, 1995. Paul Frederick Boulay was her husband. The ceremony was held at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, in the state of Wisconsin. Paul and Barbara have been blessed with the birth of six children: Dr. James Boulay, who is now married to Dr. Barbara Gores of Tucson, Arizona;

Mr. John Boulay, who passed away on February 1, 2011; Ms. Michele Spencer, who is now married to Dr. Don Spencer of Jefferson, Texas; Mr. Robert Boulay of Phoenix, Arizona; Mr. Chris Boulay, who is married to Ms. Lisa Boulay of Phoenix, Arizona; and Mr. Michael Boulay, who is married to M In the course of the time that she spent rearing her children, she resided in the following locations: Tucson, Arizona; Las Cruces, New Mexico; El Paso, Texas; Reston, Virginia; Mission Viejo, California; Phoenix, Arizona; and Jefferson, Texas, which was her most recent place of residence. Her children are now adults.

Barbara was well-known for her joyful demeanor, contagious smile, and funny sense of humor. Dressing up and pretending to be a princess was one of her absolute favorite things to do in her spare time. She was cherished not just by her own family but also by a diverse group of friends and acquaintances. She is survived by five of her six children, twelve of her grandchildren, and sixteen of her great-grandchildren. All of her great-grandchildren were born after she passed away. Additionally, three of her four siblings will carry on after her passing.

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