Audrey Collins Obituary

Audrey Collins Obituary, Audrey Collins Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Audrey Collins Death, Obituary – The demise of Audrey Collins, who had worked as a Family History Specialist at the National Archives in Kew for a considerable amount of time, took place over the course of the weekend. Although today was never going to be a nice day because it is the second anniversary of my father’s passing, I have just learned the genuinely awful news that she passed away. This news comes on the heels of the fact that it is the second anniversary of my father’s dying.

As a result of her position at TNA, Audrey was widely regarded as a preeminent authority in the field of genealogy in the United Kingdom. She played a crucial part in the explanation of several of the record sets that were provided online from Kew, such as the censuses in the southern states and the 1939 National Identity Register, and she was credited with the publication of these records. Relatively recently, she was instrumental in the coverage for the opening of the National Records of Scotland by contributing to the provision of a surviving schedule from the 1921 Scottish census.

Despite the fact that there are no surviving timetables from Scotland, Audrey was able to find one at the TNA in England that was taken by a tourist who was traveling south from Scotland. The coverage for the opening of the National Records of Scotland utilized this timeline in many ways. Although Audrey was born in the south of the United Kingdom, her childhood home was in the Govan neighborhood of Glasgow, which is located in the city of Glasgow.

During my time working on the show Who Do You Think You Are?, I had the opportunity to meet her on multiple times, and each time was a delight. Whenever she spoke at live conferences or other events, she was always very polite, witty, and a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. She was an excellent public speaker. One of my favorite recordings that she made many years ago, which we often talked about, was a lecture that she gave for FamilySearch trying to explain to exactly what the UK, the British Isles, Great Britain, and other similar terms meant as concepts.

This lecture was one of my favorite recordings that she made. This was due to the fact that we both felt frustrated by the frequency with which individuals from other nations, namely England, use these terms to refer to the same concept. She delivered the speech in an effort to clarify for the audience just what the United Kingdom (UK), the British Isles (BI), Great Britain, etc.


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