Art Meinen

Art Meinen Obituary, Stratford Ontario, Art Meinen Has Sadly Passed Away

Art Meinen Obituary, Death – Art Meinen finally found rest and happiness in death after a protracted and arduous fight against Alzheimer’s disease. He could look back on 73 years of experience. Those who are left behind following his passing include his wife, Theresa; his sons Michael and Scott (Christina) Meinen; his granddaughters Lilly, Samantha, and Brooke Meinen; his sister Anne Albrecq; his niece Heather Pfaff; and his nephews Robert and Mathew Meinen.

Bob Meinen was the son of Robert Lincoln Meinen and Annetta (Furnas) Meinen. He was named after his grandfather. He started his life in the town of Florence, Arizona. In 1952, they decided to move to Silver Springs, Nevada, so they gathered all of their stuff, loaded them into the car, and set off on the journey. This village is located in the middle of the desert close to the intersection of Highways 95A and 50, which are combined referred to as “The loneliest path in America.

” There wasn’t much else there besides a bar, a cafĂ©, a tiny motel, and an office for real estate, but those were the only establishments that were there. Bob was able to cultivate an appreciation for wide open spaces while he was growing up there, as well as the ability to use his imagination to entertain himself when there were neither nearby friends nor organized activities available. He also developed the ability to use his imagination to keep himself entertained when there were neither nearby friends nor organized activities available.

In 1962, his family made the move to Reno, and he ended up spending all three of his formative years there: junior high, high school, and college. In 1972, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Renewable Natural Resources from the University of Nevada. His major was “Renewable Natural Resources.” Hidden Beach in Lake Tahoe was the location of his first date with the woman who would eventually become his wife. While there, they went swimming and relaxed in the sun at the beach.

On May 31st, 1969, Bob and Theresa (Ward) exchanged vows to join their lives together as husband and wife. The first stop on their voyage, which was full of life-changing experiences, was in Newark, Delaware, which is where he earned his Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics. During this time, they were also able to meet his family for the first time. Michael, the couple’s eldest son, was born in Seaford, Delaware, in 1974, when Bob was working in community development for the county extension office. Michael was the couple’s first child. They made the journey back to Nevada, where Bob was able to secure a position in the planning department of the Nevada State Parks.

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