Ann Livingstone Obituary, Ann Livingstone Has Passed Away - Death

Ann Livingstone Obituary, Ann Livingstone Has Passed Away – Death

Ann Livingstone Death, Obituary – It is with a heavy heart that I write this message to you today.
Sadly, this week saw the passing of Ann Livingstone, also known as the TMIC mammy, who was one of my longest serving and most devoted members. Anyone who knew Ann or had the pleasure of spending time with her, regardless of how long or how briefly, can count themselves among the most fortunate people in the planet for having spent time in her company.

She would go out of her way to introduce herself because she knew what it was like to come to a new group for the first time. She had a natural way of making people feel welcomed and a part of the group, and I do not doubt for a second that this carried over into her professional life and family life. Her warm and welcoming manner made new members feel so much at ease.

Because you can see from the pictures below, not only did Ann get more physically fit and meet a large number of new people when she started attending our sessions in the fall of 2017, but she also made a large number of new friends in addition to those two accomplishments. And I have no doubt that we will see a good many of their friends commenting on this post.

On her very first plan, we were all able to see the determination and dedication that Ann possessed within her. She adhered to her diet and water consumption like glue, and combined with her attention to her classes, the outcomes were always going to be fantastic. Ann has a place to stay with us right up until the summer of 2021. We even turned up late to class on occasion, and Ann had done the registration for me because she saw TMIC as part of her, it was her wee group, and everyone in it was her friend.

During the four years that I attended three classes per week, Ann motivated, inspired, and supported everyone in some way or another. I was even on the receiving end of the occasional “right peter keep going come on now.” Ann would occasionally bring her grandchildren to class with her, and they would float about her as she burped or walked lunges. She was a real inspiration to her grandchildren and a genuine role model for grandmothers everywhere. She was absolutely incredible, and I feel incredibly honored by the fact that she was our TMIC mother and that she will be remembered in such a way.

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