Andrew Keeter Obituary, Swampscott Ma, Andrew Keeter has Died - Death

Andrew Keeter Obituary, Swampscott Ma, Andrew Keeter has Died – Death

Andrew Keeter Obituary, Death – Andrew Bradley “Brad” Keeter, who had just turned 49 the day before, went suddenly on November 9, 2014, which was a day after his birthday. He had just celebrated his birthday the day before. Richard H. Keeter and Margie Robertson Keeter, both of whom had passed away by the time their son was born, were overjoyed to welcome their new child into the world on September 6, 1965 in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. Both of Brad’s primary and secondary schools were located in or close to Charlotte. Both of Brad’s schools were public.

Because his daughter Jordan Bone had already died away before he did, the family custom that was started by his mother and followed by his grandmother was carried on by his daughter Jordan Bone. After he has died away, his legacy will be carried on by his brother David Michael and his father Richard, who also reside in Charlotte. Additionally, Joy Tanner, who was Brad’s companion for the previous 14 years and currently resides in West Jefferson, North Carolina, is still alive and well today.

Because Brad had such a deep passion for music, he made the decision to join the rock band Anti-Seen back when it was still in its infancy, when the band was just getting its start. In addition to that, he had a great deal of compassion for all kinds of animals and enjoyed engaging in a variety of activities.

A memorial service will be performed at the gravesite in Forest Lawn West Cemetery at eleven o’clock in the morning on Tuesday, November 18, 2014. The date of the service is November 18, 2014. It has been decided that the Reverend Jae Lee would preside over the wedding as the officiant. You are welcome to give memorial contributions to the Calvary United Methodist Church, which may be found at 512 West Blvd, Charlotte, North Carolina 28203. If you would like to do so, please contact the church at this address. This site can be identified with the zip code 28203.

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