Amberlyn Parmer Car Accident - 10-year-old child died in a major car accident

Amberlyn Parmer Car Accident – 10-year-old child died in a major car accident

Amberlyn Parmer Car Accident  – A significant car accident took the life of Amberlyn Rose Parmer, a youngster who had just turned 10 years old. The 18th of February in 2008 was the day she was born. Her mother Sandra and her father Robert have told people that she is absurd, goofy, and sarcastic in a way that makes it seem as though she has always been a part of their life.

She participated in the Staples Elementary Choir and the Pathway kids worship team in addition to having a passion for singing on her own. She danced wherever she went, even while she was in the supermarket. She had a lot of fun hanging around with her closest pals. She enjoys a wide variety of activities, including drawing and design work.

everyone discussing the recent accident that occurred. What has taken place suddenly is how it is going. This should not occur with a child who has a pure soul for a variety of reasons. As a result of Mike’s new employment and Sandra’s recent unemployment, the family is struggling to make ends meet with their combined resources. The funds obtained will assist them with some of their living expenses as well as the costs associated with the funeral. If there is no sum of money that could ever replace the priceless life and experiences that Amberlyn gave us, then: Even many of their neighbors are contributing to their relief efforts.

Amberlyn Parmer died on 5 August 2018. Only 10 years old at the time, she was. Flowers and messages of condolence are being sent to her family and friends in memory of her from her family and friends. As a final gesture of respect and gratitude, she expresses her condolences to her departed loved ones by posting a note on her memorial website. She was preceded in death by her biological parents, Rober Parmer and Sandra DiPretore; her step-parents, Michael Murphy, Valerie Williams, Zach and Cooper, Ranelle Parmer, Tommy Parmer, Robert DiPretore, and Vicki DiPretore; as well as her step-grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Her grandparents, Ranelle Parmer, and Tommy Parmer, also passed away before she did.


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