Alex Hermiston Obituary, Alex Hermiston Has Passed Away - Death

Alex Hermiston Obituary, Alex Hermiston Has Passed Away – Death

Alex Hermiston Death, Obituary – We are deeply saddened to inform you that Alex Hermiston died away earlier today at the Lawson Memorial Hospital’s Cambusavie Unit. He was a patient here. We are keeping the family in the forefront of our thoughts and prayers as they go through this trying time.

Alexander spent his childhood in the town of Angoon, Alaska, and went to Juneau Douglas High School from the time he was a freshman there until he graduated. After having served in the United States Army as well as in the National Guard, he was given a discharge that was honorable.

In Juneau, Alaska, where he was born and raised, he began his career with the United States Postal Service (USPS) as a postal carrier. After that, he uprooted his family and moved them to Oregon, which not only provided a higher standard of living but also gave him the opportunity to further his studies.

He took the decision to join the Northwest Iron Workers at the beginning of the 1970s in order to pursue a career in the industry. After that, he made his home in Irrigon, Oregon, where he began his career as an iron worker. He remained in that position until the year 2006, when he finally retired in Hermiston, Oregon.

Alexander was a talented musician and guitarist in his own right. He was skilled on the guitar. He was looking forward to spending time with his family on vacations, going fishing, and other outdoor activities. There are a few people that continue on after him, including his wife Judy and their children DeAnn (Marty) Kristo and Cheryl Jackson.

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