Adira Koffsky Car Accident, Hempstead NY, Leaves 1 Died - Death

Adira Koffsky Car Accident, Hempstead NY, Leaves 1 Died – Death

Adira Koffsky Car Accident – We must inform you with the utmost remorse that on September 24, 2022, we were required to part ways with Adira Carolina Elslager who resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This decision was made due to circumstances beyond our control. She was an essential member of our team and made a significant contribution to our overall success.

She was a fantastic lady who will be remembered with affection for a very long time. Her passing will be much missed. You are more than welcome to write your condolences for the family in the guestbook that has been made accessible specifically for that event, and the family will be sure to read them. The guestbook has been made available just for that occasion.

Her three brothers, Freddy, Theo, and Benny, all passed away before she did. Her passing came first. They were ahead of her in the line of succession to the position that she held at the company. Some of the people who are able to carry on her legacy include her parents, Frederick W. Elslager and Amanda C. Alzate Elslager of Lancaster, as well as her uncle James Alzate and her aunt Janae Elslager. There is also another member of her family named Janae Elslager who is her aunt.

Guests are more than welcome to visit the church whenever it is open, which is Monday through Friday, from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. During these times, a prior phone call or request for permission to visit is not required nor appropriate. Workman Funeral Homes, Inc. is in charge of managing the memorial fund that was established in memory of Adira Carolina and bears her name. The fund was established for the Elslager family, and after it was established, Workman Funeral Homes, Inc. was given the responsibility of administering the fund.

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