Corey Spann Car Accident, Barnegat Township NJ, Leaves 1 Dead - Death

A Catastrophic Three Vehicle Incident In Arlington Killed One And Left Another In Serious Condition.

1 Killed, Another In Serious Condition – One person was killed and another is in serious condition as a direct result of a horrible occurrence that took place in Arlington on Saturday evening and included three autos. The incident featured three people being transported to local hospitals. On February 4, at approximately 6:30 o’clock in the evening, law enforcement authorities were summoned to the 4000 block of South Center Street in order to investigate a collision that involved three automobiles.

The collision occurred earlier that day. According to the police record that was recorded when the officers arrived, two young guys were rescued from a 2021 Ford Mustang that had taken fire as a result of the incident. The fire had been started by the collision. Both patients’ circumstances were extremely life-threatening when they were transported to the hospital located in the next town.

Further inquiry revealed that the injuries the man in his 20s who was a passenger in the Mustang had incurred were fatal, and as a consequence, he was proclaimed dead as a result of the incident. The driver, who has been identified as a male aged 18 and is currently in serious condition, is not showing any signs of improvement in his health at this point in time.

According to the findings of the investigation, the two men were driving their vehicle on South Center Street in the direction of northbound traffic when the driver of the Mustang made an attempt to switch lanes but lost control of the vehicle while doing so. The accident occurred as a result of the driver of the Mustang losing control of the vehicle.

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